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To improve the quality of the articles, but also to facilitate the work of the future Authors and Reviewers, the Editorial Office of ASP series Agricultura have prepared Suggestions for original manuscript preparation for Acta Scientiarum Polonorum s. Agricultura. These suggestions are available at “For Authors” tab. Please kindly follow those instructions, since this will allow us to shorten the publishing cycle of the articles.


All articles published in 2017 at ASP Agricultura were subject to linguistic correction made by a native speaker. This task was financed under the Agreement No. 742 / P-DUN/2016 from the funds of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education designated for science dissemination activities



ACTA SCIENTIARUM POLONORUM is a scientific journal founded in 2001 by Polish agricultural universities. Its aim is the publication of the results of research conducted in all disciplines related to the agricultural sciences.

Original scientific papers published in Acta Scientiarum Polonorum series Agricultura include in their
scope all the aspects of agricultural plant science, including physiological yield bases, soil and weather requirements, soil cultivation, fertilisation, threats and weed, disease and pest control, trends and achievements in breeding, yield management and its quantitative, qualitative, and economic

Since mid-2008, the papers have been published only in English.

The journal works according to the „open-access” licence and offers free access to the full texts of all
the publications through its web site.

At present, four issues are published per year.

ACTA Scientiarum Polonorum series Agricultura is indexed in: Agro-Librex, EBSCO, Directory of Open Acces Journals, Index Copernicus, Polish Scientific Journals Contents.








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